Imagine This.

One of your customers is having a party.  It’s Friday night, and they need the beer, wine, and liquor before the party—not during the party! Lucky for them you offer the BOTTLECAPPS smartphone app.  They like it because it not only shows the logo and name of your store, it displays all the items you carry along with the pricing so they can quickly order from your store.  In fact, they like the idea that they can either pick it up at the store or have it delivered.  They enjoy the fact that they can pay within the app or at the store.

Because they’ve grown accustomed to using your app, they know it as their favorite beer app, wine app, and liquor app.  They’ve looked at other wine delivery apps, but they like yours because they know that when someone asks,  “Who can deliver my purchases?”, your store’s app comes through to save the day!  

In fact, with BOTTLECAPPS, your store customers that have downloaded the app build their “favorite” lists.  This allows them to build reorder lists for their wine, beer, and liquor preferences!  They can even go back months later and recall what their order was.  

Just think, a few years ago this wasn’t available to your store.  Now, you can’t live without it because you’re expanding not only your market area, but you’re gaining great customers who really like this new service that you provide.  Imagine how many new orders you would never have experienced if you hadn’t chosen BOTTLECAPPS!

It’s true that our society is quickly changing to a mobile commerce environment.  But because you planned ahead and chose BOTTLECAPPS for your store and customers, you fulfilled the desire for quick efficient shopping that is stress-free.  In fact, this trend has continued to gain momentum and shows no sign of stopping.  They also appreciate the fact that they can see special deals that your store has to offer and they really enjoy the events that you display on the app as well.  Product reviews and tasting notes really help them decide on “just the right” item for the party.  Basically, they feel as though they are “one of the family”.  What a great way to sell your products!

But My Store Doesn’t Have BOTTLEC APPS.  How Can I Get It?

Glad you asked!  It’s easy.  Just call us at 469.420.9447, or visit our Website www.Bottlecapps.com to learn more about this fabulous app that is branded with your store logo and name.

You can also download a demo version of the app–just text BC to 94253 from your smartphone.  Play with it—order things and have fun.  By the way, since it’s a demo, it won’t charge for the products you select. You can also download our app by clicking the links below!

Make the above story yours.  Join the BOTTLECAPPS family. Today.

BOTTLECAPPSYour Store. Your Customers. Your App.


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