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Bottlecapps Has the Customers Your Ads Are Looking For.
We Deliver More Retail Customers.

Buying habits are changing. Retail marketing is changing. And the beverage industry will never be the same again.


Today's Reality:

Beverage store customers…placing their beverage orders…with their favorite beverage store…through that store’s online app or website…and having the order delivered to their door the same day. Fast.

As recently as five years ago, this seemed far-fetched – something that may happen one day, but not any day soon. And ten years ago, today’s reality would have been laughed at and dismissed.

Our beverage industry is rapidly becoming an e-commerce industry in
an increasingly e-commerce world. This move started a few years before the coronavirus mess, has picked up speed during this period, and is becoming ingrained as our customers’ preferred way of purchasing beverages.

It's not just Covid-19,

It's the Future

Covid-19 and Changes
Bottlecapps recently conducted a survey with our customers. Within our three groups of survey respondents, 81%, 44%, and 35% had never used the app BEFORE Covid-19. Since the pandemic, our survey groups show that 95%, 85%, and 83% have used the app. AND, Up to 46% believe their beverage purchasing habits have permanently changed. And permanently is a long, long time.

In other words, this trend is becoming a habit that
is running into the future. and it won't look back.


By the numbers

Bottlecapps liquor stores in USA



Bottlecapps liquor stores in India



1. U.S.A.
2. India
3. Nepal
4. Canada
5. South Africa

Liquor store website builder
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20 Stores

1000+ Stores

websites for liquor store
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10,000 Users

1,000,000+ Users

Consumer Growth 500%
growth since January 2019.

Retailer Growth
We are adding 100+ retail accounts each month. A 250% increase since January 2019.

Platform Sales
A 3,000% increase in monthly sales since January 2020.

These are customers that
you can access...

with a Bottlecapps Partnership


Boston Beer Company

Bottlecapps is not an aspirational brand nor an awareness brand.
Bottlecapps is a SALES BRAND that provides the beverage industry with the targeted ability to reach retailers and consumers and the marketing tools

to grow your business by moving a lot of product.

Efficient, Effective Digital Advertising.

Placed directly on our partnered retailers’ mobile apps and websites, these campaigns will give you a hyper-targeted connection with customers.
Bottlecapps Advertising Benefits:

1. No Waste

Your ads only go to people who are shopping for adult beverages when they’re shopping for adult beverages.

2. Targeted

You can target a geographic region, a group of retailers, or a specific demographic.

3. Easy

Our team will work with you to help create and implement your campaign.

4. Granular Reporting

Know who, what, when, and where.
This is something you won’t find anywhere else in the adult beverage space.
Why? Because it does not exist.

Liquor mobile apps


Digital placements running directly on and through our partnered retailers' mobile apps and websites.

These campaigns provide a hyper-targeted approach to programmatic advertising, creating a level of customer connection and granular reporting that you will not find anywhere else in the alcohol space.
Banner Ads

Banner Ads are digital billboards for your brand.

Use them to promote new releases, seasonal campaigns, discounted offers, recipes, or anything else you want your customers to know.
Featured Products

Featured Products are purchased up to 40% more often

Featured Products are purchased up to 40% more often than items in general search. This section acts like an end-cap display for the online store.
Pop up Ads

Pop Up Ads have conversion rates of 10%. (9.28% if we're being exact.)

Pop Up Ads will appear the first time a customer enters the app and allow for a one-click-to-purchase consumer journey.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications 65% of our users surveyed said they want even more Push Notifications

from stores regarding new arrivals, deals, special events, and allocated item release. Through Bottlecapps, you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere, with a simple push notification. Easy, right?

According to Google, push notifications are

"the most powerful form of marketing ever,"

with conversion rates as high as 25% for Retail Food and Beverage.

BottleRover Icon

BottleRover Campaigns

BottleRover Campaigns allow you to promote your brand and products across our Store Locator Marketplace -

similar to Drizly or Minibar, only better, and with a much smaller budget.

Marketing on will put your ads, your products, in front of customers who will have access to our nearly 1,000 retail partners located in 40 states and Canada. Easy for you. Convenient for the customer.

SIPN logo_Brands advertising_Data

SIPN Bourbon Platform

SIPN is a one-of-a-kind App platform with the sole focus on educating, engaging, and connecting bourbon enthusiasts.

As a Brand, you’ll be provided with access to this community through many different avenues.
With the power to create an account page, you can strengthen customer loyalty and foster connections.
Or, take advantage of forums to promote events and engage with your audience.
We offer various sponsorship levels that provide ample opportunities for new burgeoning brands,
to multi-generational powerhouses!
There are multiple ways to share your unique story, educate and address the bourbon lover, and create or strengthen your brand positioning to our users.
Distribution Campaigns

Distribution Campaigns

Distribution Campaigns are specifically designed to help boost emerging brands in their growth into off-premise retailers -

both regionally and nationally. With direct access to thousands of beverage store owners, managers, and buyers, our distribution campaigns put you front and center, giving you the opportunity to showcase your brands and products to the decision-makers that matter most.

Reporting Access

Reporting/Data Access


Suppliers tell us this daily. And, in an industry where granularity of sales information is lacking, Bottlecapps reporting excels above the rest. Miles above. Bottlecapps offers both templated and customizable brand reports as well as portal access to LIVE sales data.

The Big Wrap-Up!

Bottlecapps can provide you with:

1. Access to our entire platform of hyper targeted consumers with integrated, multi-touch digital advertising campaigns.
2. Retailer access through direct-to-retailer ads, increasing your brand reach, and sales.
3. Fast, transparent, no-hassle reporting and analytics. This includes post-campaign and monthly sales analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.
4. Ecommerce consulting.
5. Email marketing.
6. The ability to be more granular and strategic (vs. the traditional/promo-code relationship offered by our competitors).