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Liquor store website design

To Help you
Better Serve Your Customers

Your Basic Bottlecapps Partnership Includes:

liquor store digital

Your own Store
Branded Mobile App

A mobile app can help YOUR BUSINESS get and retain customers. And who doesn’t want or need more

In today’s world, every business needs an app to survive and BOTTLECAPPS has has the app that will help push your store past survive and straight to thrive.

Because we’re never satisfied, we’re continually improving our app to make it better for our customers and better for your customers, which makes everyone happy, happy.

We don’t nickel-and-dime our retailers

When you sign up, you’ll receive the following

at no extra cost!



Allows the store owner to view daily sales figures by type of product and basket size, buying trends, and product preferences that ultimately show store owners how to best stock and price their items. Our Admin App also allows you to process platform orders while on-the-go.
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Easily send Push notifications, create Coupons for your customers, schedule Events, or set up online Deals with a few simple clicks from your desktop or mobile device. This product extension puts the power of marketing your business in the palm of your hand.


Our webconsole will help you maintain unified communications with accounts on a customized CRM platform and gather new information on potential clients. This feature is integrated with our apps and websites and gives you the ability to send notifications, create events and tastings, and generate reports all from one centralized backend.
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With Bottlecapps, your assigned Client Services Manager will train you on each element of the backend console, ensuring that you and your staff have the understanding and power to do whatever you need to when it comes to managing your online business. 


We are an online e-commerce platform, but that doesn’t mean that In-Store Promotions isn’t vital to your success. Bottlecapps releases weekly newsletters chronicling Best Practices and Tips and Tricks from around the industry for both In-store and online marketing.
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Now more than ever, Curbside Pickup and Delivery options for your customers is a must. With Bottlecapps, both services are integrated into your app and website from the start. You can choose to process your own delivery orders, or we can set you up with one of our many 3rd party providers all at the flip of a switch.


All apps and websites are fully e-commerce capable and equip with quick activation payment gateway integration, making the set up a breeze.



This program creates customer loyalty and empowers stores by offering a way to differentiate themselves without offering discounts. This will incentivize your store’s app users (aka your customers) to purchase more products more frequently from your store and promote and refer the app to their friends.


With our Store Locator and Delivery App BottleRover, customers can shop our network of stores and can search by product or by location. They can place orders and choose either delivery or pickup. It’s convenience and ease will make them like you more which will make them shop you more.


BottleSense” is a Data as a Service (DaaS) product, powered by Bottlecapps, that provides an exclusive and detailed look at off-premise, retailer data across beer, wine, and spirits. Pulling consumer and sales insights, as well as highlighting benchmarks and trends, from 1,000s of stores across the United States and Canada, the ‘near-LIVE’ dashboards that make up BottleSense provide supplier brands, distributors, and retailers data access from a unique perspective and with the most customizable view in the industry!

But Wait, There Are More...

...Products you can add to your package.

Ninguno, none, zero, no other

App company in our industry offers ANY of these.


Because they don't care about your success as much as Bottlecapps does.

e commerce for liquor stores

E-commerce Websites

ecommerce, noun: electronic or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money to execute these transactions. Requires a great partner (see BOTTLECAPPS) with an integrated program and the capability to design and develop affordable, yet killer, websites.

Yep, that’s us the dictionary’s referring to. It’s a high honor and a heavy burden.

An e-commerce website designed and developed by BOTTLECAPPS allows stores to expand their business beyond their physical location and increase both their sales their brand awareness.

ALSO, our websites automatically sync with all BOTTLECAPPS digital products, creating a synergy with your store’s digital marketing strategy.

Websites design
Bottle Service

Marketing Services

With everything else you have to do, marketing your store can feel like you’re walking through a dairy farm trying to keep the crap off your shoes.

Developed to help keep your shoes clean, BOTTLESERVICE is a ‘Concierge Marketing Services Package’ designed to support, guide, and influence the overall marketing of your in-store portfolio of BOTTLECAPPS products.

As a customer you’ll be assigned a marketing professional who will:

  • Help set and maintain a profitable mobile/e-commerce strategy.
  • Assist with the app implementation process.
  • Help coordinate your app launch to your store customers.
  • Be available for questions, guidance, and event and marketing ideas based on what’s been successful with other stores.
Bottle Vision

Digital Signage

BOTTLEVISION has nothing to do with viewing life through bottles – not even if the bottles are whiskey; and digital signage has nothing to do with your digits or with digitalis.

It speaks, moves, entertains, and educates, making BOTTLEVISION one of the best in-store tools to grab your customers’ attention and motivate them to buy.

With the BOTTLECAPPS system you can:

  • Showcase promoted products, events, custom videos, and sales pricing.
  • Assign multiple lists and schedule ads to run and expire on specific dates.
  • Display on a single screen or on multiple screens throughout your store.

And to top it off, it’s managed through a back-end console that syncs with all your BOTTLECAPPS products.

*does not include price of display device

up to 56%

of customers have used the delivery feature


have used the pre-order and pickup option


Did somebody ask for wholesale?

Got your answer right here. YES. We do have an app for wholesale too.

If your business also services wholesale accounts – restaurants, bars, hotels – our app has a feature that will also help make this part of your business smooth running for you and convenient for your customers.

If you’re interested in this service, please contact us to discuss.

“The Bottlecapps staff is doing
everything I can think of to help me.
They've gone way beyond what I expected...

even beyond what I would do.”

— Trevor, Petrock's Liquors