Bottlecapps brand advertising
Website design
Connect to Customers. Create Loyalty.

Grow Sales.

Liquor store website design
Bottlecapps brand advertising
Connect to Customers. Create Loyalty.
Website design

Grow Sales.

Liquor store website design

If you're not just any store, then our
store-branded products are for you because...

our products are not just for any store.

Our unique portfolio of products is for stores looking to differentiate themselves
from their competitors; stores that want to grow their business. A lot.

Bottlecapps 360 degree solution for liquor store
Liquor store app design

Bottlecapps is the industry’s ONLY 360 solution providing all 3 tiers of beer, wine, and spirits with best-in-class products and services.

Flat Rate Model and No Transaction Fees.

Apparently, transparent pricing is kind of rare. But we’re a transparently rare company that also provides flat rates. Unlike our competitors, no ridiculous price markups of 8 – 12% and no transaction fees accompany anything we do. Ever.

Keep your profit. You’ve earned it.

Our packages range from $300 to $500 per month, but click on the SCHEDULE DEMO button below and we’ll help customize the perfect package just for you and your business!


Covid-19 and Changes

Our recent customer survey had three groups of respondents,
81%, 44%, and 35% had never used the app BEFORE Covid-19.

Since the pandemic, our survey groups show that
95%, 85%, and 83% have used the app.
Up to 46% believe their beverage purchasing habits have permanently changed. And permanently is a long, long time.

These numbers are your future.





As a store owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Keeping customers happy and coming back again is the most obvious – and one of the most difficult.

Growing your business is a daily struggle. Competing with several competitors for the same customers… well, sometimes your objective becomes simply to keep from losing any.

The Bottlecapps system will be a big help to you.

It was designed with three goals in mind:

Advantages of Bottlecapps service
Connect you – and keep you connected – to your customers
Advantages of Bottlecapps webiste
Create loyalty with those customers and
Advantages of Bottlecapps

Help you grow your sales

up to 47%

of surveyed customers said they shop the store more because of the mobile app or website