Billions and Billions—Downloads, That Is

Here’s an eye-popping statistic: 267 BILLION app downloads will occur in 2017 according to leading research firm Gartner Inc.  Will your store have an app that is in that statistic?

Most Popular Mobile Apps 2017

Social apps like Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search rounded out the most used apps in the “mobile apps free downloads” category.  There is a very important reason you should be aware of this:  your current customers use these apps every day.  In other words, they look at their phone several times a day and what do they see?  The apps that they use in order to make their life easier and more convenient.

Now, ask yourself this question: “What way is there available to me to present my store to my customer on a daily, or even hourly basis, that my customer prefers?”  Your answer—there is only one way—the BOTTLECAPPS app.  Your store’s app, complete with logo and name, is on their phone.  Every hour of every day.

Why Would Customers Tell Their Friends/Family About Your Store’s App?

It’s all about relationships.  Many people like to share information with friends and family because there is value in the content of the app.  In other words, if your store had BOTTLECAPPS, you would expect that your customers would share the uniqueness of the app with friends and family because you share unique deals, events, etc., with them.  Who doesn’t feel special when something like this happens?  By our very nature, when we have information about a great deal or a really special way of obtaining something, we tell our family and friends.  We can’t help ourselves.

Tap into that.  Now—not next year.  If you don’t your competition will.  Remember today’s customers that you have?  Guess what—they won’t be with you next year because your competition is already pursuing the idea of getting an app.  Remember how people value being distinctive?  If you don’t offer that to them, they will go elsewhere to undertake a relationship that values their patronage.  Remember—IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS.

People Love Information. Take a Deep Dive With Us.

It’s been said that knowledge is power.  Nowhere is that more prevalent than in mobile apps.  Consider name brand stores that were slow to adopt a mobile app strategy.  They’re no longer around, or they are in the process of closing.  Be aware that this phenomenon is powerful and it is in the hands of your customers.  GIVE THEM YOUR BOTTLECAPPS PRODUCED APP TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.

Don’t wait. Our Mobile Marketing Specialists can get you setup quickly on BOTTLECAPPS.  Call 469.420.9447 to secure your store’s future. Download our app by clicking the links below!


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