Bottlecapps and Anheuser-Busch Partner to Launch DrinkRunnr Online Marketplace

Those who have been paying attention to Anheuser-Busch InBev earnings have likely noticed the premium that the brewer has put on e-commerce.

And those that are familiar with Bottlecapps, know them as a best-in-class mobile app and web developer concentrated on the beer, wine, and spirits industry.

Now enter, their digital lovechild, DRINKRUNNR, “a three-tier compliant online beverage marketplace” (

An A-B spokesperson detailed the relationship and rollout plans of the new consumer platform, “the goal is to try and learn about the needs of the market, build awareness and engagement in e-commerce for alcohol beverages, and support e-commerce for retailers of all sizes.”

“DrinkRunnr is not built to compete with existing e-retailers,” per spokesperson. “Instead, it is meant to enable more local retailers to implement e-commerce in their business.”

“We will be piloting in select Texas markets to give us ample opportunity to test and learn, and eventually hone the best consumer experience. All transactions will be going through local retailers via Bottlecapps, a Texas-based liquor store app/web developer.”

The relationship between A-B and Bottlecapps aligns directly with the focus of A-B’s new CEO, Brendan Whitworth, and the company’s online and digital initiatives.

When asked what will be done differently in leading the global beer giant, he identified the online world as one of three areas of focus, including “relentless execution; focus and investment behind brands; and acceleration of the digital transformation.”

Bottlecapps’ Executive Chairman and CEO, Dr. Prashant Desai, echoed A-B’s thoughts on the subject by saying, “the collaboration for DrinkRunnr was a no-brainer for us here at Bottlecapps. We work daily with dozens of suppliers, both large and small, but dealing with A-B specifically, has been a real delight considering their appetite and willingness to try something new. Connecting supplier brands to the end consumer via a three-tier compliant network of online retailers just makes sense in the age of e-commerce, and that’s exactly what we do every single day.”

Bottlecapps does this through digital brand activation campaigns within their own platform, as well as the development of Supplier driven apps/websites outside of their platform, but that leverage their network of online retailers for inventory and compliant order processing.

How can A-B and others navigate these waters, as a supplier?

All alcohol orders are sold and shipped by licensed retailers on the Bottlecapps network, which is operated by Bottlecapps, an independent Texas-based company. “DrinkRunnr is not involved with the sale or delivery of alcohol products.” Suppliers act as the marketing engine to drive consumers to the online marketplace, then Bottlecapps and their network of over 1,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada handle the rest.

If you are a Retailer interested in having your store represented on the network, or a Supplier looking to activate a digital brand campaign/discuss the build out of a marketplace like DrinkRunnr, you can learn more by visiting and scheduling a demo today!

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