Smartphone apps abound—it’s a fact of life.  Now, promoting and marketing your liquor store just got easier with BOTTLECAPPS, a mobile app that allows your liquor store customers to visit either the Apple AppStore (for Apple devices) or Google PlayStore (for Android devices), download your store’s mobile app, and start shopping!  
Now, your customers can browse and shop for your store’s inventory of beers, wines, and spirits — no matter if they’re at home, out with friends, or wherever. Bottlecapps provides your customers a unique and significant user experience while offering you comprehensive and detailed CRM capabilities to understand and cater to the needs of your customers.

Benefits Of Using Bottlecapps In Your Store

    • Product reviews and tasting notes are displayed for the wine, beer, and spirits carried in your inventory.
    • Customers can build their own “favorites” list—now they can quickly order/reorder their favorite products.
    • Store events and deals are prominently displayed within the app to call the user’s attention to items you want them to know about.
    • With the built in label scanner and barcode scanner, placing an order is a breeze.
    • The app can be setup to accept payment within the app, or at the store, or both.  It can also be setup to allow you to deliver to your customers (where permitted by law).
    • Customers (as well as you) can see past orders

We Listen.  We Understand.

There are many smartphone app developers wanting you to adopt their solution.  However, in addition to all of the unique features of the BOTTLECAPPS app, you profit from our deep industry knowledge not only in the smartphone app development market, but also in business operations, best practices, marketing, and advertising, just to name a few! We practice what we teach–we’re constantly refining so we always like to hear from our liquor storeowners and managers about future features they would like to see.  We’re fanatics about making sure we always provide your app-using customers the best possible user experience!

We work with you to launch the app in order to improve your market presence and market share.  Our goal is for your store to be recognized as a local market leader who provides great services to their customers.  We care about people and their dreams, so it’s only natural that we are passionate about providing a way for this to happen.

With the BOTTLECAPPS app, you now have a unique solution for growing your business. The app can interface with your Point of Sale (POS) so there’s no double entry work; the items listed in your POS are also shown in the app. With this app, you also gain more information about your customer.  You can now make sure that you have the right products at the right time for your customers.

The Future is Bright!

Let us show you how BOTTLECAPPS can improve your bottom line, increase customer satisfaction, and gain new customers!  Call us at 469.420.9447 to speak to our mobile marketing specialists for more info. You can also download our app by clicking the links below!


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