CASE STUDY: How the Bottlecapps App Boosted Sales & Customer Base in One Month


A store was evaluated to see how significantly apps could influence its sales and customer base within one month.

Initial Results

– In one (1) month, the store added 241 users via the BOTTLECAPPS app.
– During this period, the average number of new customers added per day was 8


– 250 users will be added each month.
– The average basket is $41.00 based on historical store statistics.
– Conservatively assume only 20% of those 250 added app users each month will buy.


– Those 50 active, buying app customers contributed an additional $2050 in sales during the first month.
– If the store adds 250 new customers each month for one (1) year and only 20% of those has at least one transaction of $41, that figure grows to a staggering 600 new customers annually.
Financially, that looks like $159,900 in added sales annually.
– The social sharing aspect of using apps will likely cause many more users to try and ultimately use the app, thereby contributing more sales than what this conservative study depicts.


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