A night of whiskey appreciation at Whiskey Riot here in Dallas!

Cheers to a night of whiskey appreciation at Whiskey Riot here in Dallas! 🥃

With over 200 products available for tasting we had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of whiskey, bourbon, rye and scotch. Here are some of our favorites below!

Horse Soldier Bourbon: a high-quality whiskey brand with a unique back story. This whiskey is aged in American white oak barrels, which gives it a rich and smokey flavor.

Horse Soldier Bourbon
Horse Soldier Bourbon Tasting

Rabbit Hole Distillery: a Kentucky-based brand founded by a husband-wife team, Kaveh and Heather. The company is committed to elevating American Whiskey using high-quality local ingredients making it a favorite among whiskey lovers.

Rabbit Hole Distillery
Rabbit Hole Distillery Sampling

This was a great opportunity for all whiskey enthusiasts to come together and celebrate our love for the spirit! It’s important to keep pushing boundaries and exploring new flavors to remain relevant in this ever-evolving industry.

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