Garnet Wine and Spirits

For over eighty years Garnet has served the New York Metropolitan area with an outstanding selection of wines and spirits at even more outstanding prices! So, when one of NYC’s best wine and liquor stores came knocking after leaving another e-commerce platform, Bottlecapps was eager to DELIVER (pun intended)

Located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Garnet understood the purchasing habits of their demographic better than anyone. After learning from past experiences, Garnet had some specific requests that were extremely important to them, and we thought it would be foolish not to listen. Even with years of experience of our own here at Bottlecapps, we are always open to learning from our stores. In fact, that’s been the entire strategy of Bottlecapps since its inception; take feedback from stores (since they are the ones responsible for the actual day-to-day operations) and continually develop new features and upgrades based on that feedback.

Garnet was convinced that a strategy of marking up all prices before marking them all on sale by the same amount would lead to more orders. While that sounds a little “on the nose,” Garnet was confident that customers would see the huge discounts and not only order, but order more frequently and with larger basket sizes. So, we decided to give it a shot. But, it required some technical development from Bottlecapps. We had to build a method of marking up all products and then displaying them as a deep discount. Along with that, Garnet wanted to display the actual dollar amount of those savings. We decided to do a beta test on this method to see if it would be worth doing platform-wide for all stores.

Here’s how their products displayed for this test:

Absolut Vodka
Absolut Vodka

When the time came to launch, Garnet sent an email blast to all the customers they had on file with the “20% off everything” promotion front and center. To say it created a huge amount of buzz is an understatement. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in orders have already rolled in less than 60 days since launch. And not just because of the initial email blast. Garnet’s customers are STILL ordering $30-$40k or more per week.

Turns out, Garnet really knows what they’re doing! At this point, we began to realize the method of “markup, markdown” on all online products was pretty solid. And since this strategy has proven to be so incredibly effective, we now offer all stores a similar pricing strategy upon request.

The quest for improvement did not stop there, though, as Garnet made another request that we would also be pretty foolish to ignore. The ask was simple; why not display Case Discounts so customers can actually see the value in ordering more bottles? Again, we listened, and we’ve started the process of beta testing this new feature as you can see below where it says “20% Off 6+” on the product page:

Case Discounts
Case Discounts

This should lead to even larger basket sizes (platform-wide Bottlecapps boasts a $90+ Avg. Basket) in the future. Look for this new feature to come to all stores within the quarter.

Thought we were done? Not a chance! We will soon begin beta-testing another new feature with Garnet dubbed the ”Endless Aisle/Shelf.” Like it sounds, this will allow customers to place orders on any out-of-stock products by routing them through a warehouse system that will get virtually any product into the hand of the customer ‘in a few short days’. What’s not to like about that?

At the end of the day, the true ‘founders and developers’ of Bottlecapps’ world-class e-commerce platform are the stores we work with, themselves. We listen, learn, and grow based almost entirely on feedback from our stores, and we appreciate the opportunity to get better TOGETHER 🙏 Thanks to creative and active stores like Garnet, there’s lots more to come in 2022, and beyond!

Checkout Garnet Wine & Spirits’ ecommerce experience for yourself…

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