“Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice not where it’s convenient for you” – Cyndie Shaffstall (Spider Trainers)

This quote came up at a conference extolling the virtues of mobile marketing. The platform is basically set in stone. The budding entrepreneur can reach out and harness the money-making machine.

Irrespective of the OS platform you choose there will be many dedicated customers who are searching for the app that is best tailored to their needs. The burden falls on the development team to make the app interactive and user-friendly as required.

Let us look at some minor aspects that a developer must keep in mind:


The smartphone app must entice users to download and try it out. Contrary to belief all a user looks for in a smartphone app is one simple thing, can this app get the job done? Yes – The app remains… No – The app will be deleted. One simple task, execute it to perfection and make customers happy. They will recommend it to their friends and the user list will grow.


More often than not, customers prefer apps that have a wide user range with a high rating. This can be achieved only if feedback is obtained from existing users or beta-testers.


Offering apps for the public to do beta-testing is an excellent strategy to generate large quantities of data. This will help iron out bugs and improve future updates.

Regular Updates

Smartphone app developers must make regular updates to convince users that the application is consistently improving even if the modifications are small or insignificant.


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