Meet Derek, a diligent and consistent performer at the office. His wedding anniversary is coming up, and he wants to throw a surprise dinner for his wife. Unfortunately, he waited too long to contain the surprise, he leaves it late and now it’s the big day.

Derek had seen her favorite wine out in a couple of neighborhood stores and wine shops. So he figured it would be readily available. He was wrong.

Resigned to defeat, Derek decides to talk to his friend, Jessica, about his dilemma. Jessica recommends a cool app that was released a week ago. Derek was surprised the stores where he visited had reserved the wine for online sales only.

With a few swipes and touches on the phone screen, Jessica arranged for an immediate pickup of the bottle of wine from the store. Derek breathed a sigh of relief – crisis averted!

Connectivity in the 21st Century

How did Derek make things difficult for himself? Derek is just like you and me. We follow the old purchasing methods and don’t give a thought toward new inventive ways of getting things done. All Jessica did was clue Derek in on the new way to purchase beer, wine and liquor. She used the smartphone app to make purchasing fast and worry-free!

How does it work?

Visibility – The app contains the product offerings of the liquor store and its prices. A slick database can narrow down the search results and within a few moments of scrolling to zoom in on the product of interest.

Customer Service – Give the customer the option of pick up or delivery. Skip long lines during busy or holiday times. The customer can even call or email the store within the app. Even better, the app provides turn-by-turn directions! What could better?!


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