Push Messaging – What Is It and Does It Work?

What is it?

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the APP or using their devices to receive them. They can be used to show the latest sports scores, entice a user to take an action such as downloading a coupon, or let a user know about an event such as a wine tasting or a flash sale.

Push messages, or notifications, look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts but they only reach the users who have installed your app.


Why Is It Used?

Push messaging provides convenience and value to your app users. They allow you to speak directly to your customer and allows them to view it at their convenience. They don’t get caught in spam filters, nor do they get forgotten in an inbox. In fact, click-through rates can be twice as high as email. They are often used to drive actions through offers and incentives. But, they can, and should, be used to educate your customers and to develop a relationship.


What Are the Benefits?

  1. Increased customer engagement: With push messaging you can reach your customers quickly and easily.
  2. Drive app usage: Consistent messaging will help drive activity within your app and keep users engaged.
  3. Relevant messaging: Push messaging will allow you to send the right message at the right time.
  4. Easy to use: They are easy for you to create and send and easy for your users to access and take action on.
  5. Share events, deals, and promotions: Anytime you want.
  6. Instant deliverability with no junk folders: Email is great, but push messaging is better. It gets your information out faster and they are quickly opened by your customers.


How Many do I Send A Week…or…When Is Enough, Enough?

There is no perfect answer because it depends entirely on the type of business you have, your messaging goals, and whether or not you have something interesting or worthwhile to communicate.


Unless you’re a news service, sending 3-4 messages a week is a good range to be in. Listen to your customers; are they acting on the messages, visiting your store, purchasing? Experiment – do more one week and less the next week and track against your sales.


Bottlecapps has conducted three surveys in the past six months on behalf of the beverage stores that are using our store-branded app. Here is a small sampling of our findings:

            – 80% of the respondents told us they receive regular push notifications from their favorite beverage store.

            – Between 57 – 82% want to receive even more.


What information do they most want to receive?

            – New inventory items – 60%

            – Store events – 53%

            – Special pricing and promotions – 81%

            – 20% said they want recipes.


Your customers want the information; they want more than you think they want. Listen to them.


What Does Success Look Like?

  1. A solid push messaging plan and campaign can boost user engagement by 85% when used properly.
  2. When the push is enabled, more than 65% of the users return to an app. This statistic shows how compelling and beneficial push notifications are.
  3. And all this leads to increased sales and a growing business.


So, when is enough, enough?

When your customers stop acting on the messaging and start complaining. Until then, take advantage of this incredible marketing tool.

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