Embracing Change: A Transformation That Redefines the Norm

Today’s Beverage Store Reality:
Beverage store customers…placing their beverage orders…with their favorite beverage store…through that store’s online app…and having the order delivered straight to their door the same day. Fast.

As recently as five years ago, this seemed far-fetched — something that may happen one day, but not any day soon.

And ten years ago, today’s reality would have been laughed at and dismissed.

Offering Ecommerce Is Now A Necessity for Beverage Stores to Survive. Unfortunately, only a modest few beverage stores are experiencing the success of today’s reality. Why? Because of the truth within that reality: Most beverage stores still do not have an online ordering app for their customers. Sure, the large chains do, they can afford to have one built, but the majority of our nation’s beverage stores are small, locally owned, family stores that are fighting for customers against these larger, financially stronger stores. And the bigger stores have an app that is helping them grow during these ever-changing times. You’re at a significant disadvantage, fighting on an unlevel playing field, behind the eight ball, down for the count, and any other sports metaphor you’d like to use that says you may be getting your butts kicked.

The Answer? Bottlecapps.
We don’t really hate saying, “we told you so.” For the past four years, we’ve been telling all beverage stores that would listen, that to compete and win, they needed an app that would allow customers to browse inventory, order online, and have the orders delivered to their home or party. Some stores saw the advantage and partnered with Bottlecapps. Others didn’t. Those that did have seen steady growth, and especially in today’s pandemic driven world, they are thriving. Those that didn’t should be wishing they had. So, there you have it, “we told you so.”

But it’s not too late. At least, not entirely. Yet. But it’s getting close.

Insane Growth.
When people say, “the numbers don’t lie,” well, that’s a bit of a lie. Numbers can lie when misrepresented, which they often are (see politics). Our numbers, however, don’t lie, and we’re going to lay them out in a quick, easy-to-see manner. Honest.

In March 2019, the snowball was starting to roll, and by December – in only nine short months – app orders grew to $163,000 that month. An increase of $153,000/month! And that’s before the current coronavirus fueled marketplace. That’s one big snowball.

Value of Monthly Orders Across the Bottlecapps Platform:

March 2019 – $10,500
December 2019 – $163,000
March 2020 – $1,375,000

New Users also grew from 7,300 in December 2019 to more than 36,500 new customers added in March 2020. That’s a lot of new business that someone’s getting.

And in March alone, 29 new retail accounts representing 65 locations signed up and are now growing their businesses using the Bottlecapps solution.

The graph below shows the total orders using Bottlecapps. You can see that from 2017 to March 2020, store orders are $2,415,210, with $1,683,266 of this happening in the last three months alone!

Even before the pandemic, Bottlecapps customers were experiencing steady growth each month of 2019. These numbers tell us that while the pandemic has certainly accelerated online orders, the trend already existed and was growing. Simply put, this means that the way your customers purchase beverages will never, ever be the same again.

Botttlecapps – Making It Easy for You.
Bottlecapps’ goal is to: help you grow your business through better serving your customers and creating loyalty. And convenience is a crucial aspect of better serving your customers. Which is what our app does, makes purchasing from your store easy.

When you partner with Bottlecapps, you’ll get your own store-branded app and the training to make it work for you. You’ll be set up to compete and beat your competitors. To make it easier for you, Bottlecapps will provide training, including an app content management system, web console training, and in-store promotion.

Since Bottlecapps is more than just an app company, you’ll have the opportunity to use their marketing and consulting services. A professional will be assigned to your business and will help create a profitable mobile/e-commerce strategy, help coordinate the launch of your app, and be available for questions, guidance, event planning, and marketing ideas.

Bottlecapps can also help build your website, set you up with digital signage, enroll your customers in a rewards program, and talk sports with you. Unless you don’t like sports. In that case, they can talk about opera and ballet.

Why Do I Need Bottlecapps?
Because you want your business to grow, unless your business is already big enough, then you don’t need Bottlecapps, you need a friend to help you spend all your money. We have a friend named Tracy who would like to be your spending friend. Contact us, and we’ll connect you. He’s a good guy.

More importantly, your customers want you to use Bottlecapps. They want the convenience of ordering online and having their liquid refreshment delivered to them. And in these weird times, no one wants to go to stores and run the possibility of being exposed to the coronavirus. Corona, yes. Coronavirus, no.

Look, you don’t have many options when it comes to apps designed for beverage stores and their customers. Luckily, you only need one: Bottlecapps. With more than 650 retail locations now using Bottlecapps, and over 35,000 new shoppers signing up each month, Bottlecapps is recognized by the industry as the best and fastest growing app and beverage store solutions company in the country. Maybe the world. Perhaps even the universe, but that might be stretching it a bit.

From the Mouths of A Few Bottlecapps’ Customers:

Thanks to everyone else at Bottlecapps for all you have done, are currently doing, and will continue to do! You guys made our lives so much easier, especially now! Without a doubt, we wouldn’t be able to do even a fraction of the numbers we’re currently doing.
Addy’s and Lexis

You guys are awesome – thank you!
Plaza Package

Great company to work with! Have helped us increase sales & advertise promotional products. Highly recommend!
University Wine & Spirits

My company uses Bottlecapps, and they are fantastic! Very professional, excellent customer service, and willing to help with anything. You can tell they genuinely care about their clients. Coming to Bottlecapps from another website and app provider, it was a speedy and smooth transition. Highly recommend!
Local Vine

As a Bottlecapps VIP customer, my store has flourished with new sales, revenue for delivery, and always being able to engage my customers. With the website, app, and Bottle Service competing and winning is possible. I highly recommend to any liquor store owner.
Sienna Wine & Spirits

The Toilet Paper’s Gone.
Get with Bottlecapps now, or you may find your beverage store is like that sad, lonely, frustrated customer looking for toilet paper and pancake syrup (yep, I’ve noticed a run on that…sugared cereal too) – you’re too damn late, and your competitors beat you to the stash.

Here’s the Final Word.
Most customers will not go back to the old way of purchasing. They won’t! We live in a world of convenience, and Bottlecapps gives convenience – and comfort – to your customers. Additionally, having a store-branded app destroys boundaries and enables you to grow your business outside your normal geographic area.

Do this right, and you’ll capitalize on your customers forever changed behaviors. Procrastinate and do this wrong, and it’s not only an opportunity missed, but it’s also risking the very survival of your business.

Now’s the perfect time for you to take advantage of the Bottlecapps advantages.


Media Contact:
Corey Gerstner
Senior Director of Marketing

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