The ONLY 360° Sales Solution for the Retail Beverage Industry

We Do That and That and That and That and That and That and That and That and That.

They Don’t and They Don’t and They Don’t. Etc.

A Few Provide Some, But Only One Provides All.

There are a few retail beverage technology companies out there that provide delivery. And there are a couple of others that offer websites and app development. They’re all friendly and treat their customers well because they’re good people, and they’re making some bucks off your business. 


They’re a one or two-component pony. That’s it. Offering only a few of the tools necessary to really help your business to grow, they’re giving you a mere 13º solution (give or take a degree or two). And we don’t think that’s an ideal business partner for a company that wants and needs to grow. Fast. And to be around for a long time.


What if there were a multi-component company out there that offered you a 360º solution to grow your beverage sales? Or even a 413º solution?  


What if that company offered a dozen different sales/growth solutions for your business?


What if, instead of charging you up to 12% per order that they bring you, there was a company that allowed you to keep the entire order – with NO transaction fee at all?


Well, there is. Bottlecapps. A multi-component, 360º (or 413º) sales/growth machine offering best-in-class products and service to the retail beverage industry.

Here’s what we offer our clients:

  1. Your Own Store-Branded App

    (that’s right, it features, shows, highlights, and builds your brand, not that of the 3rd party delivery company).

Why is this important? Because good marketing means creating awareness for your brand, and Bottlecapps helps you do that. 

  1. Your Own Store-Branded E-commerce Website

If you don’t have one, no problem, we can design and develop one for you. Again, branded with your logo and created to help expand your business beyond your physical location via search and online shopping mechanisms.

  1. Curbside and Delivery Integration

Do you currently do DELIVERY? Would you like to? Bottlecapps has built-in, out-of-the-box features and integrations making this a snap. So, whether you’re looking to capitalize on your own delivery $$$ OR you’d rather have one of our delivery partners like Doordash tackle it for you, Bottlecapps can have you ready to go as quick as flipping a switch.

  1. Payment Gateway Integration

We’ve partnered with all of the payment leaders to give you and your customers a little peace-of-mind when it comes to online shopping and identity protection. And that’s no joking matter.

  1. Data and Insights

Information empowers and enables you to manage your business wisely. Bottlecapps helps here too. With our Webconsole Dashboards, you can view daily sales figures by product and basket size and understand product preferences and buying trends, via your own online portal. No more making decisions based on hunches, hopes, and personal preferences.

  1. Rewards

Sometimes customers need rewards to move them to action. Again, we’ve got you covered. Creating customer loyalty, our fully developed Rewards helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors without always offering a discount, and it encourages your customers to purchase more frequently from your store. Everybody wins. And wins. And wins. 

  1. Join the Network with BOTTLEROVER

With our network app, your store will automatically be accessible to customers who happen to be traveling, new to town, or just in the hunt for that rare item. They can conveniently shop, search, and quench their thirst by product or location, place their order, and choose either delivery or pickup. Even better, new customers will find you without you doing anything more than being a member of our retailer network. And the BEST part – it’s FREE whenever you subscribe to any of our other many services.

  1. Digital Signage – or as we call it, BOTTLEVISION

It moves, it dances, it speaks and sings and demands attention, making it a tremendous in-store sales tool that will motivate your customers to buy. You can promote products and pricing, events, and show custom videos on any SmartTV or tablet. And, because we’re all in this together, we’ve made it easy for you to manage all this with a back-end console that syncs with all your other Bottlecapps products.

  1. CRM/Marketing

The hub of the Bottlecapps sales system, our Webconsole, helps you manage all customer and prospect communications on a customized CRM platform. Don’t wait until Friday to push out a message that doesn’t carry your brand, send out store-branded push notifications as often as you want. Tell your customers about upcoming events and tastings, new product arrivals, and specials. Remind them you’re still around. Send photos of your pet. Just stay in touch, because a recent survey showed that no matter how much information you send to your customers, they want even more!

  1. Concierge VIP Support

But wait, that’s not all…with our BOTTLESERVICE package, Bottlecapps will assign a professional to you who’ll be available for questions, guidance, marketing ideas and advice – most of it good. All of it well-intentioned. So whether you’d prefer to lean on our experience OR you simply just don’t have the time in the day, we’ve got your back!

Still not all. We also provide a Marketing Toolkit containing shelf-talkers, cooler clings, banners, rack cards, customer email and social media messages, and more. 

That’s a lot. And when compared to what our competitors offer, it seems like even more than a lot. 

  1. Supplier and Distributor Campaigns

Why do industry giants such as Pernod Ricard, Diageo, Budweiser, Southern Glazer’s and Republic like working with Bottlecapps and our customers? Because 1) we help them sell more product which means we help you sell more product 2) only Bottlecapps has tools that can be designed for their specific brands and products and 3) unapologetically, we’re a damned good company with even better people that work hard for them and for you.

  1. Flat-Rate Pricing and NO Transaction Fees

When we decided to go into business within the retail beer wine and spirits space, our #1 goal was to always make sure that we were keeping the independent retail stores in mind. This commitment led us to building out the ONLY retail-friendly pricing model in the industry. Bottlecapps knows how hard you work to bring in even the slimmest of margins at times, and with that in mind, we NEVER want to touch those profits with oppressive transaction fees. While we’ve been told that many of our competitors will gladly take up to 12% or more of your sale, we only operate with a transparent, flat-rate pricing guide all customized to do 3 things for you and your store…

Connect to Customers, Create Loyalty, and Grow Sales.



There you have it. The only 360º sales solution in the retail beverage industry. Each solution we provide our customers is meant to:

  1. Be easy to use, and
  2. Grow your sales!

That’s it. Two goals. But, those two goals are big. And, yes, sometimes, we do look at all we offer, and we’re a little amazed, but then we realize that anything less would be kids’ stuff, and that puts us back in our place. 

As you move on with your day, think about this one last question: What’s the difference between 360º and 13º? 

A lot of profit.

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