Did That Title Catch Your Eye?

It should.  The difference between maintaining a successful liquor store compared to running a thriving liquor store hedges on three specific issues:

Your Customers Are Digitally Aware / Smarter Than Ever – Tap Into It

This single fact should have you concerned.  Consumers compare everything on their phone now.  From books to read, to cars to buy, your customers use their phones to make the best buying decision possible.  It stands to reason that your store should have the BOTTLECAPPS liquor store app to make buying decisions from your store easier and more enjoyable.  People now check on ratings and tasting notes; for deals on their favorite whiskey; for latest store events that will be happening.  People are more connected than ever before.  You want them to be connected to your store—not the competitions.

Having the Right Inventory is Key – Provide It

Having the most of everything isn’t always what the customers desire.  Your customer wants to know that you carry the most popular items that they like and what the price of that item is.

Many stores try to stock deeply and in so doing, have tied up considerable capital.  That’s a dangerous gamble because you may not know what your customers are actually searching for.  With BOTTLECAPPS you will.  You’ll see the most popular online searches within the app for beer, wine, and liquor.  Imagine the power when someone inquires “liquor store near me”, finds your store and downloads your store’s app.  Immediately, you will start understanding which products you should carry, and maybe those that you should be putting on sale to eliminate from inventory.  Your customers use apps in this manner.  If you don’t have this capability, you’re leaving money on the table (and in inventory).

Customers Will Seek Out Simpler/Quicker Shopping – Use BOTTLECAPPS

Consumers spend 87 hours per month on their smartphones (Source: ComScore).  Conventional brick and mortar stores must now provide both a physical as well as a digital shopping experience.  It’s not enough to have a liquor store that is clean and easy to shop in.  Consumers want “quick” and “efficient”.  That means that they may not necessarily ever set a foot in your store.  Yet, they want to buy from you because you are nearby.  

Give Your Customers the BOTTLECAPPS App. Now

Our Mobile Marketing Specialists can get you set up quickly on BOTTLECAPPS.  Call 469.420.9447 to secure your store’s future. Download our app by clicking the links below!


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