Who REALLY won the Super Bowl?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers weren’t the only ones who delivered a crushing Super Bowl win this year. The big match-up week of 2021 yielded a staggering 1,674.84% increase in overall Bottlecapps platform sales compared to last year. But who are the real MVPs of the Super Bowl week?

More Cheers with Favorite Beers

Star categories like beer, wine and spirits all reached new heights during the week of Super Bowl LIV, but beer was the true underdog. Last year our Top 10 Bestsellers list did not include a single brew, but this year, three spots were taken by fan favorites such as Bud Light, Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra Light Beer. Overall beer sales increased by 1,996.81%. 

We Brought the Spirit

Liquor impressed us last year by taking every spot in our Top 10 Bestsellers list for Super Bowl 2020. Although our Top 10 this year included some favorites from other categories, liquor sales increased by 1,179.39% year-over-year, and Tito’s Vodka became our #1 top selling product for the week! 

Wine for the Win

Coming in with the highest growth percentage is the wine category at a 2,759.25% increase from last year! La Marca Prosecco Sparkling Wine landed a spot on our Bestsellers list and red wine showed the highest growth of all subcategories. 

Next Year’s Picks

 Like true fans of the game, we don’t wait until next year to make our predictions. Emerging trends we see now are sure to make their way into our Hall of Fame for next year’s Super Bowl week. Trends like ready-to-drink cocktails showed a massive spike of 3,505.71% over last year.

Our overall growth of platform sales indicates that consumer behavior will remain in favor of alcohol ecommerce. With major growth during events like the Super Bowl, we predict a boost in large orders to fit increased social gatherings in 2022. 

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